Ready 2 Work

by anzuk*


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Welcome to ready2work

The new generation in availability has arrived. Welcome to the anzuk* "ready to work" application. An instant online notification to our booking team that you are up, dressed and ready to work. This application has been designed to save us both time at critical periods during our working day when our booking lines open. A smarter, faster and more convenient way to instantly update when you are ready to go.

This system can be accessed from 12am to 11.59am each morning to notify us of your availability for that day. The system will reset every 12 hours and you will need to log in again if you wish to notify us of your availability for the following day.

Please note any ongoing availability adjustments should be emailed to the consultant you interviewed with or you can contact us on 9249 2444. If you're confirmed at a school and are unable to attend you must speak to a member of our team. Office hours are 6.30am - 7pm Monday to Thursday and 6.30am to 4.30pm on Friday's.